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There Is hope for newbies, it only takes story
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 9/13/20 1:47pm Msg #624441
When I started back in 2005, I was struggling as most of you newbies are. I got lucky about 3 months in to find a medium-sized SS that really needed me in a pinch on a Saturday. It happened to be in my neighborhood, the couple was going through a divorce, fighting outside, and I came to the rescue doing their refi. They both knew me, and I did that closing flawlessly.
That company was so impressed I was on top, got it done immediately, had great feedback, it launched my career. That company was KC Signings. They are no longer in business, but if it were not for that 1 company and Kris Killinger giving me that chance, I would have continued to struggle as most of you are. He launched my career and gave me my needed boost.
Starting out I would try to find that medium-sized company, not blown so large where you are just a number, but someone who will know you on a first-name basis and work with them and does a lot of signings in your area. Never devalue your price set, but let them know that you have their back and will produce a quality, error-free package and deliver on it. If you can manage to find that one company that will give you a chance and make you their "go-to" you will have a much easier time. From them you can use them as a reference and get going much faster.

That is just my advice, and I am sure each of us who have been doing this a long time remember's their first company who opened that door. That was mine.
Good luck and go out and find that special company. No one can tell you who it will be, but they are out there. The right place, right time holds true.

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 Yes, he still has a hand in the biz. I've moved on too, and -  MW/VA on 9/15/20 9:27am

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