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Closing USA/Loan Depot
Posted by ADM/VA of VA on 10/17/20 8:49am Msg #625457
Closing USA/Loan Depot. I have done a few signings for them recently through a signing service. I spend so much time rearranging their paperwork. It's a mess! They have a stacking order that requires title affidavits (what are those EXACTLY anyway?), notary instructions (there are many) and the Fed Ex label, plus note, deed, and CD in front. Why not just arrange the documents like that when they submit it to the notary? Also, they put a really lengthy customer information sheet in their packages where they ask the borrowers to list things like previous marriages, places they lived in past 10 years, etc. and it takes a long time for the borrowers to figure that out and they usually ask why do they need to fill it out when the lender already has a lot of this info.
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 Closing USA/Loan Depot - ADM/VA on 10/17/20 8:49am
 Re: Closing USA/Loan Depot -  Yoli/CA on 10/17/20 9:07am
 correction -  Yoli/CA on 10/17/20 10:21am
 Re: Closing USA/Loan Depot - ADM/VA on 10/18/20 4:13pm
 agree with all Yoli said...... - notarydi/CA on 10/18/20 4:32pm
 Re: Closing USA/Loan Depot -  Yoli/CA on 10/18/20 4:41pm
 Re: Closing USA/Loan Depot - April Moss on 10/19/20 4:46pm
 Loan Depot's pkgs. are usually very large. I put all pkgs. -  MW/VA on 10/19/20 8:56am
 As always, basically agree with Marilyn! -  Mary_in_VA on 10/23/20 9:14pm

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