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Re: Patriot Act
Posted by VT_Syrup of VT on 4/5/21 5:52pm Msg #631017
The notary rotary system states that Iris Gravenius is from CA. That's important.

The standard CA acknowledgement certificate as shown in the CA notary handbook states, in part,

"On _________ before me, (here insert name and title of officer), personally appeared..."

So regardless of how many other places on the page it says you're a notary, you have to write "Iris Gravenius Notary Public" in that line.

Interestingly, the jurat that's used for oath's and affirmations doesn't have that requirement (although your seal will state that you're a notary).

Many other states also have a requirement that the title of office appear somewhere in the certificate, although many states aren't very fussy about exactly where you put it.

But when I'm not performing any notarial act, I avoid using the title "notary public". Usually I'll write "signing agent".
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