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You call it subcontracting, I call it networking (unless you
Posted by ananotary of CA on 8/3/22 3:50pm Msg #641611
expect to be paid some percentage or something). Networking is what grew my direct client base very quickly (98% of my signings are direct). If your clients will start using another notary that you referred exclusively, were they ever really your client?

Most notaries see this as referring to "competition". My networking partner of 18 years just retired and moved out of state. I miss her and have really seen the difference while talking to other notaries. I've met a few great notaries while trying to find someone to network with. I decided to give up. It's an anomaly and I was lucky to have it while I did. I went on a 10 day vacation in July and didn't lose any of my clients. Quite the opposite, I received text messages while I was gone saying they could not wait for me to return. Being self employed comes with some anxieties about leaving your clients, but you gotta live!
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 Subcontracting - famena on 8/3/22 11:36am
 I have given referrals in sistuations like that. It's -  MW/VA on 8/3/22 3:27pm
 You call it subcontracting, I call it networking (unless you - ananotary on 8/3/22 3:50pm
 Re: Subcontracting - PaigeTurner on 8/3/22 4:16pm
 I guess we should clarify, does the OP mean LITERALLY - ananotary on 8/3/22 4:37pm
 I agree, too. It's a very important distinction. n/m -  JanetK_CA on 8/3/22 5:25pm
 Re: I agree, too. It - pdl/cali on 8/4/22 10:53am

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