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Re: Subcontracting
Posted by PaigeTurner of AK on 8/3/22 4:16pm Msg #641613
You have to really be careful because if they assign a closing to you and you pass it to another notary because you are busy, both your careers are in jeopardy. They are expecting you, because you are vetted and approved.
I have been called to no less than half a dozen times in my closing career because a notary did that unapproved. When the documents came back with an unknown notary, not approved, never discussed, everything had to be canceled and redone. Not only is their client's financial privacy on the line, the lender and the title company as well as the SS are at risk as well. Both notary's careers are tainted by that act of being foolish or greedy.

If you tell your hiring parties that you are away, let them find their replacement that is vetted and you can recommend someone. That is networking. No way should you ever accept or assign subcontracted work. jmo

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 I have given referrals in sistuations like that. It's -  MW/VA on 8/3/22 3:27pm
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 Re: Subcontracting - PaigeTurner on 8/3/22 4:16pm
 I guess we should clarify, does the OP mean LITERALLY - ananotary on 8/3/22 4:37pm
 I agree, too. It's a very important distinction. n/m -  JanetK_CA on 8/3/22 5:25pm
 Re: I agree, too. It - pdl/cali on 8/4/22 10:53am

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