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2022 Taxes
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 1/22/23 8:23am Msg #644111
I began working on this in December. My lender is always the first to send me a 1098 for interest paid. I have not received any 1099s from any of my vendors. Usually by this time, they havr begun trickling in. I did get one for a single signing I did for a TX purchase $250.

Any one else getting 1099s? I realize 1/31 is the deadline, and 2022 filing deadline has been extended to May 15, still I would sure like to get this done!

Most of my notary work is GNW these days, which I am loving. I was sitting in my car in front of a Chase bank waiting for a client when a lady came by and said she was writing my phone number down as she had some POAs and Alternative Directives to update. A lot less stress, no printing, no waiting months to be paid, AND GRATEFUL CLIENTS! WOM referrals is a huge bonus.

Re-engineering my work life is paying off.


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