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Sign On the X - Edocs
Posted by Lola - CA Notary of ? on 4/26/05 3:59pm Msg #34117
I am curious as to how Sign on the X completes their e-mail document appointments.

I have been doing e-doc closings for numerous signing companies and always seem to have a problem with the way that other signing companies send them. Sometimes it's a doc reader problem (I'm currently building my database of print drivers) but the majority of the time it seems to be a Signing Company problem. I have heard that Sign on the X has discovered a way to stream line the process and am interested in knowing more about it to try and help myself in the field. Apparently they use a web site that automatically will print any type of document uploaded on to that site, automatically determining what size paper each document should be printed on - cutting down on human error. I've also heard that this site makes it so that we, as signing agents, do not need to download thousands of programs in order to print out these e-mail documents.

I have registered to be a signing agent with Sign on the X (anyone have any helpful feedback for me regarding this company?) but have yet to receive a reply from them.

Any feedback re: the way this company handles their e-mail documents would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Lola - Notary in CA
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