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Re: Sign On the X - Edocs
Posted by MaggieMae_CA of CA on 4/26/05 4:27pm Msg #34129
I just did my first signing for them Friday night. Supposedly the documents were being emailed and I was to use DocMaster. The main group of closing documents (109 pages) were referred to as a"blockument" and had a PDF extension. I opened the DocMaster program (as instructed int he email to me) and then double clicked on the PDF file. Like MAGIC DocMaster was suppose to work magic. Didn't happen!

The documents were sent to me while I was at another closing. By the time I was able to print out the documents the lender was gone and I couldn't get any information. I attempted to research DocMaster over the weekend and on Monday, to no avail.

From what I could tell, in a perfect world if I had been able to go to a Web site to retrieve my blockument everything would have been hunky dory!... But that didn't happen.

I don't think Sign On The X is completely automated and it's based on which lender they are working with.

BTW... I did email the person who sent me the blockument and asked him for more information and he was clueless. Lucky for me I knew enough as to set my printer settings so the documents would print out on legal size paper.

I tried getting information about this yesterday from the message board, but only one person answered me and his basic comment was to adjust the printer settings to print an Adobe doc.
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