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Re: Nations Direct
Posted by HL in PA of ? on 4/29/05 7:31am Msg #34801
I have did 2 closings for them. Both of which they offered $40 and I practically laughed in the girls ear. I told her what my fee was and otherwise it wasn't worth my time. Both times they said they would have to call me back to okay the fee I gave them. I thought I wouldn't hear back from them but I did. I just think we have to stand up for ourselves more and maybe we won't get taking advantage of as often. Anyone who accepted a $40 job is robbing themselves, not understanding the value of their time and also definitely not helping this industry.

Now, I'm waiting for both payments that should be in my mail box any day. They pay by the end of the next month that the closing occured. So for end of March, payments should be expected by end of April. That also enough to make you want to say "NO" especially when they are getting some people for only $40 and also want you to have all kind of fax backs.
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