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What would you do.
Posted by Joanne_SL of NY on 5/12/05 9:39am Msg #37283
I received a call from a title company who has taken over the closings for one of my customers, a lender who calls me directly. They have undercut the other title companies in order to get the volume of work from this lender. This is the second call from this company who is trying to get me to come down on my fee. I explained that all fees are negotiated at the time of booking with the lender and I would not give him a flat rate. This is the second such call I have received from him and his partner. He then said he had $1000 worth of invoices from me for past closings, would I take $800 instead? I said absolutely not ... those fees were negotiated with the lender at the time of booking. Would anyone out there have reduced their fees to accommodate this guy? I did not think it was fair.
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