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Re: A vindication of sorts
Posted by bagger of IL on 2/22/19 12:02pm Msg #72353
No "spin" is needed.
First open your Funk & Wagnall's and look up facetious.
That is exactly what my response to your left wing attitude was all about.
Just weeks earlier, there were claims of voter fraud in your State of Texas, with multiple sources, you responded (not to me) I saw the link and did not open it, but "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS VOTER FRAUD."
Of course there is no such thing in your left leaning brain, since this was Republicans accusing Democrats.
Now, for the first time, we have Dems accusing Reps, so of course you have to jump (bad terminology, should be REMAIN) on the anti-Trump bandwagon. Since you have been on here, your battle cry was "There is no such thing as voter fraud."
And, I remind you, you did not quote sources, you quoted one source - The New Yorker one of the farthest left leaning rags in publication. You might as well have quoted CNN or MSNBC.
Now, if you would like to continue this discussion on sources, should we examine how these open minded "news" organizations handled the Covington kids, or should we look at this Jussie Smullett situation?

Oh, and BTW The democRATS are shaking in their boots. WHY?
Because MAGA, Muller Ain't Got Anything!

Buh Bye Mikey.
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