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Re: A vindication of sorts
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 2/24/19 11:42pm Msg #72357
"I would just like to see a government that works fairly and effectively for all of its constituents."

So would I, but those days were long gone even before Trump stumbled onto the scene.

I'm looking at the Dems lining up to get into the clown car and thinking that this can be a disaster for them. There is no cohesive message being sent. There are progressives, a moderate, a democratic socialist, and traditional Dems -all trying to take on a wannabe autocrat who has no idea what he's doing but knows how to sell the con.

Their inability to agree on what will work fairly and effectively, their inability to send the message that they will work for ALL Americans rather than for just the wealthy minority or for their own benefit, could very well put this idiot back in power for another four years.
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