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A vindication of sorts
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 2/21/19 6:12pm Msg #72351
When I posted Msg #72204 back in December about voter fraud in North Carolina's CD9, my message was dismissed by a certain individual here who rejected my sources and declared that the post was invalid.

Really, Richie?

Today, North Carolina's Board of Elections threw out the results of that election because of apparent fraud in the voting process. The fraud, involving manipulation of mail-in ballots, is alleged to have been committed by an individual working for the GOP candidate who originally was believed to have won a narrow victory. That candidate reversed field, from insisting that he was legitimately elected to now saying that the public has "lost faith" in the election process and calling for a new election, which the Board decided was necessary. That seat in the House remains vacant for now, and it's possible that the Dems could pick up another House seat when this is all over because the original election was very close.

Tell me again how and why my OP was invalid, Richie. I can't wait to see how you try to spin this.
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