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Re: A vindication of sorts
Posted by HisHughness of TX on 2/24/19 3:59pm Msg #72356
I fail to understand how more choices of party at the ballot box will combat voter fraud. Seems to me that would simply offer more avenues in which to cheat. In any event, no substantive, beneficial change in any direction is going to take place without a recognition it is necessary, and with one party in utter denial of everything from the dangers of excess CO2 to the inappropriateness of pre-presidential crotch-grabbing and poledancer pursuits in tidey-whities, the damages of THAT party need to be addressed first. My solution to that would be Democratic governments from the White House on down to the school house. Then we go to work rebuilding a supportive, productive government structure, whether Democratic, Republican, Socialist, Communist, multi-party, anarchist, primordial, or any combination thereof. I would just like to see a government that works fairly and effectively for all of its constituents.
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