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Re: Clown car
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 4/19/19 7:48pm Msg #72415
"2 + years ago, a so called "moderate" on this board called the entire republican slate a group of clowns.
So, one of my questions is why is this "moderate" not referring to the current slate of lib's as a clown car."

Let's at least try to be accurate, Richie. I never called the entire slate a bunch of clowns - I called the slate a clown car, because there were so many in it. And actually, my opinion is that this IS a Democratic clown car, and it's bigger than the one the GOP had in 2016. I may not have said so here because there is very little discussion, but I have on other forums. There are too many of them, and some of them we've never heard of. Just as with the GOP clown car, it will be winnowed down during the early primaries if not before then.

And they are not a bunch of socialists - I'm not sure you even understand the difference between socialism and democratic socialism. You DO understand that there are many democratic socialist policies that have been in effect here in America for years, right? The Social Securty benifits you receive (duh!), the Medicare benefits you receive, that public library in your town, those roads you drive on - all examples of democratic socialism.

You also understand that pure socialism means the state controls the means of production - something no Democrat is proposing, right? When you call them a "bunch of socialists", do you have any idea what you're talking about? Because it doesn't appear that you do. It appears that you're just repeating something you heard on Fox.

I won't even ask if you understand the difference between communism and socialism, because that would probably make your head explode...

And yes, the Democratic candidate could defeat Trump. It's not Hillary this time. Although Trump likes to brag about his "landslide" victory, the fact is that his margin of victory was 70,000 votes over three states. We'll set aside the fact that he lost the popular vote by about 3 million. And that was before voters knew who and what he really was. Has he done enough to convince those three states to back him in 2020? His approval numbers say no.

"Da Dems are doomed n 2018."

Are you looking at the same election results I'm looking at? Because "Da Dems" crushed the GOP in 2018, picking up a 40+ seat majority in the House. They lost a couple of seats in the Senate, but in 2020 there are more GOP than Dem Senate seats up for grabs, so they have a real chance to gain control of that Senate as well.
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