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Re: Clown car
Posted by bagger of IL on 4/20/19 9:17am Msg #72416
"You also understand that pure socialism means the state controls the means of production - something no Democrat is proposing, right? When you call them a "bunch of socialists", do you have any idea what you're talking about? Because it doesn't appear that you do. It appears that you're just repeating something you heard on Fox."

Really? Let’s see, they want a minimum wage and strict controls on business.
Sounds like government control on production to me.

"I won't even ask if you understand the difference between communism and socialism, because that would probably make your head explode..."

Head is firmly in place. Your hero, Karl Marx states that communism is the last step in moving from capitalism to socialism. So, all socialists are not communist, but all communists are socialists.

"And they are not a bunch of socialists - I'm not sure you even understand the difference between socialism and democratic socialism. You DO understand that there are many democratic socialist policies that have been in effect here in America for years, right? The Social Security benefits you receive (duh!), the Medicare benefits you receive, that public library in your town, those roads you drive on - all examples of democratic socialism."

Ain’t much difference between the two. They both base their ideology on doing away with income inequality, and have the government take care of us.
Social security and Medicare. Great examples, neither of them will last. My children may not see either of them, my grandchildren certainly will not.
As for public libraries and roads, they are NOT socialistic programs. I refer you to Adam Smith. They are both “public goods”, and a capitalistic government can provide public goods. If they were socialistic, you could not own a book, or a road.
Just because Bernie Sanders claims they are socialistic, does not make it true.

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