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Re: The 2020 Census
Posted by HisHughness of TX on 6/28/19 10:30am Msg #72577
"And as that photo of the father and daughter who died trying to cross the Rio Grande shows, people will risk their lives to get here to freedom. They're not the drug dealers or murderers or rapists of Trump's fevered mind - they're people who desperately want to find a better life."

I'm sorry, Mike, but you're being na´ve. Regardless of what the fake news media try to sell to you, that 23-month-old girl who drowned in the Rio Grande with her dad was obviously a thug and a drug mule. Though she may have been a bit young and small of stature to be a murderer and rapist yet, just give her time.

The fake news media are just trying to foist off on you their socialistic and un-American "values," masquerading as compassion and common sense, by carrying such stuff.
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