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Re: Crossing the line
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 7/16/19 6:19pm Msg #72676
"Trump has not done any damage. The economy is thriving, business is booming, the DOW is at an all time high"

And what has he done to cause that? It was like that when he got here. Are you one of those who bought his lie that the economy was in terrible shape when he took office? If so, here's a news flash - it wasn't. And if you think the economy is thriving - economists say it's actually slowing down - GDP growth is expected to be 2% or less for the rest of this year.

As for what damage he's done: the national debt has ballooned to a trillion dollars, largely because of his ill-advised tax cut; important regulations have been rolled back, making our environment less clean than it was and workers less safe; our allies no longer trust us. The list goes on and on.

"Really? Then why is Nancy trying to calm The Squad down>?"

She's doing what a Speaker does - trying to keep the caucus on the same page. The same thing the Minority Leader does. That doesn't make them an embarrassment to their Party.

"Let me ask you, your first year on the job, did you try to change the way the corporation did things, or did you keep your mouth shut and find out problems?"

That wasn't my job. But they were elected with the expectation that they would bring change - that's what they campaigned on, and that's why their constituents elected them by margins that Trump will never see anywhere - 70% and more. They're doing the job they were elected to do.

"And, to point #5. Show me proof that is was racist.
Are you really a mind reader in disguise?"

I don't need to be a mind reader - his words speak for themselves. I can hear them and I can read them - I don't need to be able to read his mind, because he puts it all out there. Trump has a long history of racist behavior, starting when he and his father were sued by the Feds for housing discrimination. Do some research and learn about his past, such as when he insisted that the Central Park 5 - 4 blacks and a Latino - should be executed even AFTER they were exonerated years later. Or his testimony before the NJ board that licensed casinos in which he disparaged native American tribes. Do some research - it's all out there, it's all documented.

People like you, who think he's the best thing since beer in cans, are the reason he gets away with the things he does. You won't look at him critically - you refuse to see what he really is and you believe the con. Do the research. Look at his background. Look at the things he's done in his past. Look at how he inflated his net worth for Forbes. Look at how he used to call reporters posing as a PR man. It always was a con, and it still is.

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