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Re: Re; bagger
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 7/19/19 6:25pm Msg #72680
If you REALLY check the numbers, you will see that the middle and lower class have not benefitted by just about anything he's done. That tax cut benefited the upper class - it did not trickle down to the workers as promised. It also ballooned our national debt. Farmers in the midwest are hurting because of his tariffs; manufacturers have been forced to close plants or, in some cases, move production offshore. Environmental regulations that kept us safe have been rolled back -news just broke the other day that the government will not ban a pesticide that has been proven to cause brain damage in children. That pesticide is made by Dow Chemical, which contributed $1 million to the Trump Inaugural Committee. You do the math on that one.

What has he accomplished other than chaos? The economy was chugging along just fine before he got here - if you think he's made it better, cite specific things he's done to influence its continued growth. What policies or legislation have contributed to the growth in jobs or wages?

The ONLY major legislation he has been able to take credit for is the tax cut, which has turned into a disaster for us financially - tax revenues are down, expenditures are up. We're gonna run out of money to pay our debts in early September unless Congress does something in the next week or two.

Then let's look at some of his campaign promises:

- Build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Total fail.
- Repeal and replace Obamacare with something better. Total fail.
- Improve our crumbling infrastructure. Total fail.
- Reduce the deficit to zero in 8 years. In the first three years, he's increased it to over $20 trillion.

So please explain to me what you see as "all the good he has done" because I'm having a hard time finding it.
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