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Re: Nothing more thaqn Liesw and half-truths.
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 7/20/19 6:19pm Msg #72687
Wow, you really have drunk the Kool-Aid, haven't you?

"You cannot tell me that your tax rate did not fall from previous years. And do not even attempt to say your refund was smaller."

Actually, I can tell you exactly that. I haven't had to pay taxes in several years, although I file every year - I'm retired and living on a fixed income, most of which is exempt from taxes. The tax cut had zero effect on me. But I have friends who are still working and most of them were surprised by how much smaller their refund was this year. I don't know anyone who benefitted from the Trump tax cuts - but then again, I don't know anyone in the top 10%...

"However, by capping the property tax and mortgage deductions, it did not affect the lower or middle class. It did, however, severely impact the upper class. Those that own multiple multi-million dollar homes lost some huge deductions."

There are states in which SALT and mortgage deductions were major factors for the middle class, and losing those deductions had a significant impact on the taxes they had to pay. NY is one of those states. Several local governments attempted to get around the new restrictions by allowing residents to classify their SALT payments as a charitable donation, but that was just shut down by the IRS.

"Revenues are actually on the rise."

No, they're not. The article you cited actually says that. Did you read it, or just skim through it?

"The other component is spending. Last I checked POTUS does not come up with the budget, Congress does"

POTUS proposes a budget; Congress decides on it. The WH spends a lot of money printing these thick budget proposals every year, so please don't try to tell me that POTUS has nothing to do with the budget. He lays out what he wants, and Congress decides whether he can have it.

“manufacturers have been forced to close plants or, in some cases, move production offshore.”

"Another lie."

Tell that to the people who lost their jobs when Carrier closed their plants in Indiana, or when Ford closed their plants in Pennsylvania. Tell that to the Harley-Davidson workers who lost their jobs when Harley decided to move some of their production off-shore. Those manufacturing jobs numbers are net - added jobs minus lost jobs. The fact that jobs are up in one area of the country doesn't help the laid-off person who lives in an area where no one is hiring.

"- Build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Total fail.

Trumps fault or the Democrats? Remember, POTUS does not come up with the budget, and the Anti-Trump Dems have everything to do with this problem. There was no border crisis until the Dem’s found a way to use it against Trump."

Last time I looked, the Dems were not Mexican. Trump promised that the Wall would be built and that Mexico would pay for it. And when Mexico refused to pay for it, he turned around and said we should pay for it. And the Dems said, no, we're not going to pay for that wall; you promised us that Mexico would pay for it. And here you are, trying to blame the Dems for the fact that Mexico refuses to pay for that stupid wall that Trump promised us they would pay for. So it's a total fail.

"- Repeal and replace Obamacare with something better. Total fail.
Obama scare was and is imploding on itself."

It's imploding because of the efforts of the GOP to kill it, but there has been no alternative offered by Trump or anyone else in the GOP. It's a fail. Personally, I would support a public option - not Medicare for all, but Medicare for those who want it - but the GOP isn't there yet and may never be. They have no solution other than to kill the ACA and strip millions of healthcare.

"- Improve our crumbling infrastructure. Total fail.
Again, Congress comes up with the budget, not POTUS."

Again, POTUS submits a proposed budget and Congress decides. The question is, what if anything in the proposed budget addresses infrastructure? What is it he wants to do? He has had no cohesive policy on infrastructure, even though that was a campaign promise. It's a fail.

"- Reduce the deficit to zero in 8 years. In the first three years, he's increased it to over $20 trillion.
See above."

Are you now denying the REALITY that the deficit has grown to over $20 trillion on Trump's watch??? That Mnuchin announced we're running out of money to pay our debts and are in danger of defaulting by early September??

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