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Posted by  janCA of CA on 7/15/20 5:53pm Msg #32123
My body has been prone to UTI's for years. To the point I was on a constant regimen of antibiotics. I had 2 ultrasounds and 2 different urologists over a course of 15 years and both found nothing and I was told that my body was just prone to UTI's.

I went to one of the local clinics I had been going to over the years, about three years ago, my chart was about 5 inches thick, again to take a UTI test. A new PA came into my room and we began talking about this problem and she recommended I go to the Vitamin Shop and get a bottle of "Vaginal Care", sorry, hope that doesn't offend anyone, probiotics.

I have taken them religiously everyday since that time and have never had another UTI. They have changed my life.
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