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The Mystery of Claudine's Cat Pee Docs & Other FedEx Tidbits
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 6/17/17 8:44pm Msg #576921
I had a closing today and it just so happened my borrower works for Fed Ex. His office is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport sorting center where all of the action is. Well ever since Claudine told us that horrid story about her docs that alledgley arrived at the title company smelling like cat urine, I have been rather perplexed as to how something like that could even happen. We all knew it wasn't Claudine, or Claudine's cat. Some speculated that an employee of the title company spilled coffee on them and made up the cat urine story to get Claudine to go out and sign another set for free. Some speculated that the entire thing was made up because nothing could get into those plastic envelopes. Well after my chatty borrower spent 20 minutes telling me all of his crazy Fed Ex stories, I felt rather comfortable asking him to solve the mystery of Claudine's cat pee docs. I proceeded to tell him the story and he started laughing and proceeded to tell me that it was definitely not cat pee. He told me that Fed Ex ships a lot of urine samples that are being sent out for drug testing and they have been known to break open. That is all I am going to say on that subject. I think I liked the idea of a bunch of feral cats hiding out in the plane using Claudine's documents as a litter box instead.

So he told me some super funny stories . . . I should have asked him if Fed Ex has a forum where other Fed Ex employees can share their stories . . . just like here on Notary Rotary. Some of his funniest stories were about people showing up super late to the actual Federal Express sorting center at the airport long after the last drops trying to get their package on the plane that night. Someone even showed up at the fence and tried to give it to someone to get it on the plane. When he said that they are almost always loan documents that need to get to a title company by the following morning, I started laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. One guy offered him $1,000 if he would take it out to the plane because it had to get to a title company in Phoenix by 10:30 a.m. the next morning. He also had lots of stories about how people go on vacation to exotic places and slap labels on stupid things like coconuts and pineapples and ship them. He had stories about the drug sniffing dogs that are used on a daily basis sniffing out controlled substances, mostly khat coming in from Somalia. Sometimes the dogs find other things hidden in coffee grounds and baby powder. He also told me the story of how five different people in five different states shipped the same broken flat screen television to each other and each one filed a damage claim. He said that sometimes zoos transfer animals via Fed Ex and two handlers go in the airplane with them.

Joking and funny stories aside, one very important thing he did tell me that I would like to share with everyone is . . . he told me that when we send out our mortgage documents, to make an extra copy of the shipping label and place it inside the bag. There are many times that the labels come off and they have to open up the packages to see if they can figure out where the package is going. If they see another label inside, they can use that one and get it to where it is going without delay.

He gave me his business card and told me to call him if I ever needed anything. He also told me that if I ever missed the 7:45 p.m. drop at my local Fed Ex/Kinko's or the 8:30 p.m. drop located at the airport, to give him a call and we have until 9:45 to still get it on a plane.

He was the nicest guy and it was such a fun closing. I enjoyed all of his stories very much. He definitely needs to write a book . . . you can't make this stuff up!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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