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I Asked the $64,000 Question Today
Posted by kcg of IN on 4/22/19 3:09pm Msg #605663
My signing this afternoon was with the man in charge of the the underwriting and closing documents at the bank he works at. He talked about having to get the borrowers to correct a document, etc. He didn't whine about it, said it very matter-of-factly. I said "this is on the mind of every NSA across America. Why in heaven's name do they need to issue the docs on legal size paper?" (His docs were ALL legal sized). He said, good question, he didn't know why. So I asked him to consider this - we are stuck having to buy and use legal size for about the only industry that still uses that size. He said it's probably very pricey. Yes, indeed and can't find any sales on it because so few industries use it so it is limited. He did promise he'd ask.

I know it doesn't mean much but one lender at a time!

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