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Msg #622164

16 replies
Service Link - PennyMac
By Notarydude on 7/19/20 2:25am

I am so upset. I went out of my way to do a signing that was a 3 hour drive one way for SL and the client was PennyMac. They negotiated a wonderful rate. I printed and when I got to the location, the signer answered the door and said you are not supposed to be here. She further explained that after you called to confirm, I called my loan officer and we feel you are trying to steal our identities. I said huh? She said you asked for us to make copies of our drivers license and a secondary. She said we do not have a copy machine or printer to do this. I said that is ok, I can make copies. I was never contacted by SL to cancel at all. So she invited me in. I said I send this information back with the package, and do not keep it. I need to get you into my electronic journal, (I use notary act). So I opened the app and began to scan the back of her DL to get her in my log. She went crazy and called her LO. The LO told her to call the police because in CA it is not legal to scan anyones ID or ask for a copy. I heard it with my own ears because the lady had the LO on speaker phone. I pulled out the instruction sheet from the package that instructed me to send back copies of both ID's used for the patriot act form. The borrower read this to the LO and the LO said I must have added this to the packet. So I said I am sorry for the trouble, but let me just leave and you guys can work this out with Service Link. So I left, I call SL they tell me they are sorry, and I will still receive my full fee. So then on Monday I get a call from vendor relations asking what happen. I explained. She said does not sound like you did anything wrong, but PennyMac has asked that you be ban from doing anymore of their loans because you would not proceed without verifying the IDS. ???? AM I missing something here? That is my job to verify the identity of the person that is signing. And I was only following the instructions in the packet by asking for copies. What is awful was PennyMac was 20% of my bookings. I am still receiving work from SL but is has slowed way down now. Any advice?

Msg #622158

2 replies
Robokiller app
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/18/20 7:16pm

Any one using this app to conquer unwanted robocallers?

Msg #622156

6 replies
Can you recommend app to make PDF from cell phone
By JustANotary on 7/18/20 7:06pm

I was at a signing & my signer was able to take a picture of a document & send it as a PDF. I did not get the name of the app they were using. Can any of you recommend an app for doing this?

Msg #622137

8 replies
Round or rectangular stamp?
By Nancy Gordon on 7/17/20 10:43pm

Brand new notary here in VA - Trying to decide between a round or rectangular stamp...Pros/cons of each? Brands you like for each? Thanks!

Msg #622125

6 replies
Could this be a trend?
By JanetK_CA on 7/17/20 4:38pm

Just thought I'd mention that I just got my second call within a few weeks from a direct client who found me here on this site! That's almost never happened prior to this year. I didn't ask, but it sounded to me that she looked here because she was familiar with this site, not because it showed up in a search.

So maybe the word is getting out that this is a better place to find notaries than that other one... Of course, two calls doesn't make a trend, but one can hope! Wink Has anyone else noticed an uptick in direct business from this site?

Msg #622116

3 replies
iPad or Smartphone
By famena on 7/17/20 2:12pm

What do you prefer?

Msg #622102

21 replies
First & last name switched on drivers license
By JustANotary on 7/16/20 6:50pm

I have a signing coming up & they are telling me that the borrower's first last name are switched on their drivers license. Both names that they are signing are on the license, the DMV listed the names in the wrong order.

Msg #622092

9 replies
Ridiculous. I blocked them on my phone so now emails
By CST on 7/16/20 2:47pm

Are you available for signing for TBD at ?????

OPEN DATE & OPEN TIME Schedule directly with signer, must be completed within 7 days. Page count: 11-35 pages
Notary Fee: $30.00

this is one of those debt things from C2C. best they will ever do if i did want to take it. I would be driving for 110 miles, 2.30 hours. no thank you

Msg #622091

12 replies
Hold on to your hat! We may be in for extended busy season
By  Yoli/CA on 7/16/20 12:54pm

Msg #622088

2 replies
Signature SYNC or Sourcepoint Fullfillment Services
By  Leslie_Mo on 7/16/20 11:03am

I have been getting a lot of signing requests from this/these companies. They never say what fee they are "offering" and just want you to accept or decline. Without this information, I always decline. Is anyone familiar with this company?

Msg #622086

0 replies
Notary Dash
By  EMTNotaryCA on 7/16/20 10:12am

I've been receiving tons of lowball offers from C2C on Notary Dash. Is there a way to block C2C on the Notary Dash platform? Is there any reason to use Notary Dash? The only company I hear from through the platform is C2C. Thank you for any input.

Msg #622084

6 replies
By Rebecca/NC on 7/16/20 9:25am

Amrock fees on application schedule are low. Can I get an idea of what has typically been paid for a 1st mortgage refi? Their standard fee is $65 and print fee of $20. I don't want to get kicked out for slightly bumping all their "standard" fees, but strongly feel the are too low.

Msg #622055

17 replies
What is the most title documents requiring notarizations
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/15/20 9:23am

in your packages recently. I'm seeing more and more lately. A good reason to up your fees for these packages. I counted 12 title and 6 loan document notarizations. 18 x 2 = $36 at $15 in CA should be $540. Now, I got paid $200 for this package, but far below GNW going rate. Makes a case for developing a stronger GNW marketing strategy.

Anyone else?

I remember Florida's TCT had a gazillion for their packages too. I don't think they are in biz any longer. A Texas title company had quite a few recently.

Msg #622048

2 replies
Fingers crossed: might have done continuing ed for 2023
By  VT_Syrup on 7/15/20 5:52am

Vermont is starting to require 2 hours of continuing education for each 2 year term. The first term where we will have to show evidence of continuing education to renew will be the 2023-2024 term. The rules for what counts haven't been written yet.

For other professions, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is very flexible. There is no need to show that the education covers all aspects of the profession; you can take whatever interests you, as long as it is related to the profession. Some professions, like land surveyors, have to get the courses specifically approved. Other professions, like engineering, just have a general description of what the course should be about, and it's up to the professional to decide if the course meets the description or not. (But there are random audits, so you better be prepared to explain your reasoning.)

I took a course on cryptography for my engineering license. It counts for 3 hours. It's within the time window where I can carry it over and count it as if I took it in the 2021-2022 term, and use it for my 2023 renewal application.

In my mind, since electronic notarization is allowed in the law (but not yet in the rules), it's obviously relevant. Let's hope the new rules, when they come out, agree.

Msg #622047

9 replies
Any one asked to put on hospital booties yet?
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/15/20 1:18am

Had a purchase tonight with a respiratory therapist and male nurse. Would I please put on blue booties before entering their home?

I suggested meeting in the garden.

Dodged the booties.

I'm sure this is not the last time I am asked. Even when I went to the ER they didn't ask me to put on booties. Actually I kept all my clothes on for the entire exam, but I had on very loose clothing (pullover cardigan and gabardine Cullotes).

I have had people spray down their outdoor carpeting on their patios with Lysol.

Msg #622042

1 replies
Has anyone signed for Notary Cloud?
By June Maxim on 7/14/20 6:28pm

Just checking out a company that called me for signing.

Msg #622019

16 replies
Professional Settlement Svcs
By  MPH/GA on 7/14/20 11:52am

Has anyone did anything for this company? They called and want me to do a refi and it s short notice? I looked in signing central and it has 2 1/2 stars. Can anyone please advise of your enter action and payment? They are paying me $150. for short notice. I don't normally take short notice because of all the issues that I have with them. During Covid I am very reluctant to take this because I don't want to be worried about payment and receiving payment. Basically, is it worth it?

Msg #622016

13 replies
I Received "There Is A Federal Warrant For Your Arrest" Call
By PegiT_MN on 7/14/20 11:06am

I answer my phone this morning and the gentleman introduces himself as Officer M. D. of the Apple Valley Minnesota police department and states that the call is being recorded to make sure none of my civil rights are being violated. He proceeds to tell me that I failed to appear in Federal Court as a material witness for something I notarized and that this is a courtesy call to let me know that there are two warrants that have just been issued for my arrest this morning. He asked me what my excuse was for not appearing in court on May 7th.

I proceeded to tell him that this sounded like one of those scam calls I have been hearing about where they are targeting notaries. I told him that if I notarized something fraudulent, I would have received a telephone call when it was first discovered. I did not appear in court because I received no notice, and there was no court on May 7th due to the pandemic.

Well he got super mad and argumentative with me and when I asked him for the warrant numbers so I could check on it, he hung up on me. Busted!!!

I called my Apple Valley Police Department and the name he gave me is of an officer who worked there ten years ago and there are a lot of scam calls out there telling people there are warrants out for their arrest and they want you to pay money. The address he gave me of where the notice came was an address I had never heard of in Burnsville. I think he then googled me and asked me if I resided at and he rattled off my real address. It is so scary that all of our private information is listed everywhere on the internet. The State of Minnesota lists our home address on their website and we are not allowed to use P.O. Boxes. I think someone should petition the courts to allow a Notaries private information to be private.

Thank you to all my Notary Rotary family for alerting me to this so that I knew what to do when I got one of those calls

Msg #621998

11 replies
Signature/AKA Statements: how do you handle this document?
By  garland/CA on 7/13/20 7:48pm

Curious how others handle this document. I've usually had the signer underline (or circle) the incorrect names they don't want to be affiliated with and then write "not known by any of these names" and initial. This is for the form that just lists the names, not the one they have to sign each name. I've never had a problem with the lender rejecting the document when I've let the borrower write on it this way.

Today I was told to never let the borrower write on the document. Just underline the incorrect names and initial. I am ok with that and may do it that way in the future. I just never had a problem the other way.

How have others handled this form?

Msg #621973

7 replies
New Witness Requirement for Indiana
By Kellosh/CA on 7/13/20 9:53am

It seems that as of July 1, Indiana is requiring a witness signature for DoTs (perhaps other documents), and the witness "Certificate of Proof" form needs to be notarized as well. I did an investment prop signing out here in CA this past weekend and both the signers and I were unaware of this. Title is upset it wasn't completed, but the signers and I were both unaware until we met and at that point, there was nothing we could do. (Title is also upset because the notary placement agency charged them an additional $25 for witness service. I also told title, however, that California notaries can't generally provide a witness, and if we could, the rate would have to be much, much higher for someone to tag along, sit through the whole signing, and provide the service.)

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