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Re: House Passes RON - some random thoughts...
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 8/4/22 2:11pm Msg #641638
From your link, it looks like it's still in the Senate Judiciary Committee, so maybe they won't include a proposed effective date until it manages to pass the full Senate. Definitely something to watch for.

I was surprised at how many states the article in the first post claims to have already approved RON in some form or another. The powers behind this movement clearly aren't letting any moss grow under their feet and are determined to see it through. At this point, it appears they're going to succeed - perhaps sooner than some of us expected...

I still have lots of concerns about the security of saving the records of RON transactions and I've seen next to nothing about that issue, aside from blanket claims of the process being 'more secure' than the status quo, without explanation. Everyone just glosses over it, especially those writing the press releases and lobbying politicians in Congress and state legislatures.

I came across something this week about Amazon Prime discontinuing some aspect of their free cloud storage for something and didn't think much of it at the time, because I'm not a member. However, I think I've heard that some platforms are/were? using the Amazon cloud for storing video records for webcam notarizations. [Anyone have any more info on this?]

It later occurred to me that if someone was using a service to store RON records that decided to stop providing that service, they'd have to scramble to find another source, get stored data transferred and/or begin to incur another possibly unanticipated expense. I don't know if this is connected in any way, and this particular issue with Amazon may be irrelevant, but it does seem to point out an additional challenge RON notaries will have to consider when setting up business.

I'd think contingency plans would need to be created for platforms going out of business, for end of life issues, and for who knows what else, with respect to disposition of saved electronic records, so they can continue to be accessed later, if needed, without interruption. Or do RON platforms supposedly have these issues covered already?

I still haven't decided if I'm ever going to jump into RON (never say never...), but it sounds like it would take a substantial learning curve - for me, at least. Frown

Now back to reading the rest of the text of the law passed by the House... [Thanks for the link!]
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