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Posted by Moneyman/TX of TX on 7/12/19 6:32am Msg #608351
Like everyone else, I advise that as a non-attorney notary, I am prohibited from drafting, or creating, documents for customers. Living only 15 minutes from the border of Louisianan, whose notaries are allowed to draft documents, over the years I have received requests to draft Bill of sales, Last Will, POA's (all forms), deeds, etc. Generally, I will advise them to seek the advice of an attorney, however, for Medical POA's and Durable POA's, in Texas, we actually have a state government site which has basic form documents of these documents that people can download so that they can fill them out then have them notarized, so I also give them that site. I learned of it from a person at a local nursing home who was responsible for helping residence with POA's and other things.

I recently found a site that offers free legal help (with forms and guides of how to use them). For Texas, the site is This site has information on a number of legal issues as well as form documents for people to use to even file with courts on different subjects (e.g. child custody, fighting traffic tickets, etc). I now also give this website to callers such as described in the OP.

For those in other states try this site to link to a site specifically for your state I have clicked on a few other states, some are detailed some, not so much, so this might not be the best site for everyone.

Considering that TX notary law specifically states that we, as non-attorney notaries, are allowed to download form documents from the web for customers to use, I don't believe that giving customers websites where they may find the documents they may need is UPL. To be clear, we can download form documents, as long as we do not change them or "create" a document specifically for the customer (i.e. input the customers' name or other such information).
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