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it's time for your stories of odd/funny/extreme signings
Posted by  canotaryhere of CA on 10/8/19 3:42pm Msg #610895
I had one where the borrowers ex husband was a very drunk alcoholic and started telling her she was stupid for signing (he didn't even know what she was signing) then he started yelling for me to get out (it wasn't his house and he didn't even live there) so we grabbed everything up and went out to the back of my SUV and finished the signing while the borrower told me how she was constantly calling the cops to remove her ex from her home. (but she kept letting him come back in), did a signing on a grand piano in a mall, had a signing at a house that smelled so badly (from cats) that I held my breath and had to keep running outside t breath, in a very noisy restaurant once, and one of my most heartwarming times was when I did a signing and the borrowers little niece was there talking a mile a minute and when I left I blew her a kiss and she grabbed her face and said "caught it"
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