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Here's some of my most memorable.
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 10/8/19 11:29pm Msg #610913
I recently posted about the one I did on the trunk of my car for a cop @ an accident scene, under a street lamp. I'm sure there's several I've blocked from memory, but here are some others that stand out:

* In a garage using an ironing board, some boxes and top of the washing machine as a table at a $5 million beach home while a dinner party was going on in an adjacent patio - at a time chosen by the borrower! Signer had probably had a tiny bit too much to drink and kept complaining about so many pages, but thankfully his (sober) lawyer was one of the dinner guests and kept telling him to just sign it... (I would have left if I thought there was anything untoward going on - aside from the unusual setting. I vaguely recall his loan was a pretty sweet deal.)

* On a low, 4" wide stucco divider between cubicles at a place that makes dentures. There were sets of teeth in various stages of completion on practically every surface.

* Outside on a bench at the entry gate to a low-security prison where one of the borrowers worked.

* On tiny, very low chairs, using clipboards (thoughtfully provided by the signers) outside in the driveway, so teenagers (grandkids?) inside watching TV wouldn't know about the loan. Sweetest couple, though!

* On the narrow dinner tray of a hospital bed in a small room at a nursing home. Grandma (who was co-signing for a grandchild and spouse, also signing at the same time) needed her colostomy bag changed, but insisted on finishing the signing first...

* In a small house with multiple (at least 4) very large floor to ceiling bird cages holding noisy, smelly, large birds. But worse was the one on a coffee table in a condo with covered furniture, nice wooden floor completely covered with paper - and one rather large bird flying around loose. [I'm not a fan of birds...]

* For the good-looking fire captain (while on duty) at his station, back in some nearby canyons that had fairly recently suffered from a huge wildfire. To get there, I drove for over 5 miles of blackened landscape (nearly all vegetation), dotted with the occasional island of completely intact structures, including several homes. That's a sight I'll never forget! (I'd had my car packed for that one, but even though that fire came to within a mile of my home, I never had to evacuate. All thanks to this guy and others like him! Big Smile)

I kept thinking of more as I was writing this, but I think this will do... Wink
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