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"Little face-to-face interaction"
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 7/13/20 9:30am Msg #621967
Can you do a mobile closing for us in ####? With the social distancing guidelines, we are not doing many of these, but when we do, all we are doing is driving the package to the client at their home, checking IDís, and waiting in our car while they sign everything inside (we mark up the file in advance with tags where they need to sign or initial). They then bring it back out and we review/notarize it in the car and make sure nothing got missed. There is very little face-to-face interaction.

This, last week from my TC. Well, I didn't get into *MY* requirements (Lol!).

I did reach out to signers to confirm and am in process of sending over (slightly modified) procedures to them.
My clipboard and small table, if needed for them will be ready. I'm pulling out notarized docs and putting them atop package!
I do not let package out of my sight - and frankly, am more concerned about missed signatures and missing pages (which are reviewed inside my mobile "office" ) - than about adhering to the letter of notary law during this pandemic. It goes without saying that fully identifying signers is NOT optional.* Fortunately, not bound by journal and fingerprint requirements here!

Just thought it would be "fun" to share One TC perspective on this Wink

Good Morning All!

*Mask for notary not an option, either (again, without saying). It's about R.A.P. I.D.S. - Respectful Awareness of Public Interaction During Spread
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