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Craziness Going On...
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 10/14/20 5:21pm Msg #625410
TC client putting me through "trials" today. Signing accepted for Fri. No contact info. When I request, I get a list of emails to contact. Huh???! Then was told "seller is elderly and communications need to go thru her agents and son, they are awaiting your confirmation and direction." AKA, we're too busy to track this one down. So different from most of my experiences with them (it's always, "Okay, we'll get to you asap!") I insisted that someone from the list reach out to me. Her son calls and proceeds to say he is the executor, his 94 yo mom's short term memory is gone, she'll need agent's help to find ID, they had to get her a cell phone cuz she lost her landline . . .

But this stood out above it all: "She should be DEAD!" It was emphatic, but not too empathetic. He added that she had had a fall in March, took a turn for the worse and they'd literally said their "goodbyes;" then she did a turnaround and basically recovered. I'm guessing this came as an unwelcome shock to them. Never heard a more cavalier, unconcerned "heir." Lol Well, he did say he'd be available if needed by conference. I stressed her need to be functioning, cognizant. Apparently, she's fine from moment to moment and can walk with cane and assistance to the porch. The R.E. agent was going to be there to help. I gave this one back.

Next, 5:30 for Monday sounded good; when confirming the time signer told me he & his wife would be landing at National around 4 and live 10 min from airport. Well, we'll see. Sent COVID signing instructions about international travel. One thing I am glad about is every signer sees the same checklist, and I keep hiring party in on it too (see they are aware NOTHING Has Changed).

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 Craziness Going On... - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 5:21pm
 Re: Craziness Going On... - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 5:31pm
 s/be, SO they are aware... n/m - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 5:36pm
 Umm...Wow?? - Linda_H/FL on 10/14/20 6:02pm
 I agree. I wouldn't have accepted an assignment that's so -  MW/VA on 10/14/20 7:34pm
 Re: Umm...Wow?? - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 7:59pm
 Listing agent - Clem/CA on 10/14/20 8:03pm
 Oh, and she's in a retirement community. No wonder poor lady - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 8:03pm
 Re: Craziness Going On... - Retevia Chisholm on 10/15/20 2:59pm

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