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Re: Umm...Wow??
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 10/14/20 7:59pm Msg #625420
I think he's fast forwarding . . . I just let him talk. He mentioned a trust (and yeah, I'm thinking What?! Nobody mentioned that). I asked if he'd be there for the signing. He said no - just the agent and his mom. I had so many questions by the time we finished, I promptly called and emailed TC that I'll pass on this. Then Listing Agent called. Apparently house went on the market about 3 months ago. She assured me that her client didn't have mental issues and asked if I had spoken with her (No, not going there. Certainly a reason why no one wanted me to have her info before the son called me). She thinks the son said his mother wasn't competent; he never said that (and I never told her that) - but likely that's what Title will hear!

I wanted to speak to TA 1st but she had left for day. The listing agent gave me a call soon after reading my email to Title, in which she was copied.

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