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Posted by Linda_H/FL of FL on 10/14/20 6:02pm Msg #625413
" Her son calls and proceeds to say he is the executor, his 94 yo mom's short term memory is gone, she'll need agent's help to find ID, they had to get her a cell phone cuz she lost her landline . .

"But this stood out above it all: "She should be DEAD!"

"I stressed her need to be functioning, cognizant. Apparently, she's fine from moment to moment "

"I gave this one back."

And a good thing you did!! Since an Executor doesn't come into play until the poor lady truly IS dead!! Before that, absent a court order for guardianship or conservatorship, he has no standing whatsoever. Wonder if there was a POA here that nobody knew about
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 Listing agent - Clem/CA on 10/14/20 8:03pm
 Oh, and she's in a retirement community. No wonder poor lady - NVLSlady/VA on 10/14/20 8:03pm
 Re: Craziness Going On... - Retevia Chisholm on 10/15/20 2:59pm

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