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Amrock “partnership”
Posted by Jennifer Mumford of CA on 10/16/20 7:04pm Msg #625447
I was recruited by some “signing agent recruiter “ who asked me to send a 33 page application with my commission and e/o Insurance to work with Amrock. I did this set my fees. Today I received an email stating my fees are significantly higher than the agents in my area (which is a crock of shit since I already get what I asked for working with an unnamed signing company ).
The fees they “suggest” are $65 plus $25 print for refinance- wow what a waste. I emailed the recruit and said I thought this was working directly with the title company. He must be getting a cut. Thanks for listening to me vent. Just wow, I guess recruiters looking for suckers. I don’t even do $85 refi’s with my lowest signing company. Hmmmm.
Has anyone else come across this nonsense ?

Thanks for listening and happy Friday !
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 This is a nasty game many are trying cuz it works if we play - Lee/AR on 10/16/20 8:52pm
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