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There is NO “partnership” with AmRock...
Posted by  CPNS2006 of IN on 10/26/20 10:17amMsg #625757
I believe the recruiter is actually a closing coordinator for this TC. And this is a typical tactic that larger TC's do...

They entice NSAs, by actually paying their fees as listed on the TC's fee sheet...then once the NSA has closed a few loans, the TC will turn around and come up with that lame excuse as OP mentioned, to guilt the NSA to stay on and play ball and close at a lower fee. And since they pay and on time, MOST NSAs will stick around even though they're not getting paid as much as they should be.

I've known many NSAs who have been dumped by AmCock because they refuse to lower their fees.

This title company has a horrible reputation as being a bully to both signers and NSAs, and will go to extreme lengths including lying to both, just to get the loan closed and get paid!

I write this from experience, and know others who have had similar experiences with this particular TC.

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