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Posted by Bear900/CA of CA on 1/14/21 10:35am Msg #628519
This comes from a viewpoint of interviewing perhaps hundreds of prospective employees.

Many job descriptions require 'detailed and meticulous' work ethics and many perspective employees claim to have as much, so it may be a broad brush. We see "very detailed' in many background descriptions here.

However, and this is just my opinion, when combined with your past experience in communicating with others, your AF training in compliance and inspection, and your investing in yourself with professional NSA training, all says a lot. I can't speak for a SS or others here but personally, I'm impressed enough to give you a try if searching.

I like that you 'want to kill it when given an opportunity'! So good to see a new person with background skills and confident and enough to ask for constructive criticism rather than how to do the job!
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