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Yay, it's so Refreshing to see
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 1/14/21 1:40pm Msg #628527
INITIATIVE! Confidence! And you didn't ask where to find work - or for my client list (thankfully).

Remember to review your Handbook meticulously, as many early issues encountered as a newbie is with Notary101 basic stuff about handling your duties as a NP. I found personally that working as an efficient notary first was essentially the first step in . . . uh, efficiency Wink
Your confidence in yourself will increase with gnw (general notary work).

And yes, may want to try bullets or paragraph separation - no more than 2. I didn't want to wade through all that to check for spelling and such. It's the little things that make me smile: proper use of words, like "advise" (verb) and "advice" (noun); dual vs. duel (unless fighting w/your equipment, as we customarily do); perform a notarization (vs. "do a notary") - all go a long way to add to your professionalism and get people to take you seriously.

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