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Ship something once or twice a year
Posted by Kellosh/CA of CA on 2/22/21 10:42am Msg #629755
That's what's greased the wheels in my case. For a few years I got the "you don't ship enough to legitimize supplies" line, both online and over the phone. Telling them I actually send 25 packages a week, but all third party billing didn't work. They said I should ask for supplies from the third party. However, I found accidentally a few years ago that when I used my account to ship something, anything, it cleared this flag. Now I just find a small present to send to a family member out of town and send it at the cheapest (non-ground) rate possible. After that, ordering supplies was no problem. I also try to pad it by grabbing a single envelope every time I'm dropping, if there are ones setting out.
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