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4506T and 4506C
Posted by  Leslie_Mo of MO on 6/7/21 12:19am Msg #632593
I recently did a signing that had both the 4506T and 4506C. Neither of them included dates of tax returns reviewed (those areas for a date were blank). The borrower noted that the form said not to sign if anything was left blank. I told him I had never seen one of these forms that didn't have a date inserted in that area. He called his lender and she told him that that happens all the time and that allows them to fill in the blank with a date if they were audited. He thanked her and asked me again if I had ever seen this form without dates filled in. I again told him no. He ended up signing the forms anyway. What's your opinion?
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 4506T and 4506C -  Leslie_Mo on 6/7/21 12:19am
 Re: 4506T and 4506C -  JanetK_CA on 6/7/21 3:20am
 One of my favorite answers. "It varies". Thanks Janet. n/m - Alz on 6/7/21 7:47pm
 "it varies" love it! That in itself is an opinion tho :) n/m - sigtogo/OR on 6/9/21 11:28am
 I prefer to think of it as an observation... ;>) -  JanetK_CA on 6/9/21 2:37pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - Luckydog on 6/7/21 12:20pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - Carolyn Bodley on 6/7/21 2:29pm
 Why a notation in your journal?-that form isn't notarized. n/m -  MW/VA on 6/7/21 4:30pm
 Re: Why a notation in your journal?-that form isn - Carolyn Bodley on 6/7/21 4:47pm
 Re: Why a notation in your journal?-that form isn - Luckydog on 6/7/21 7:03pm
 I've had an attorney's office tell me that they never use -  MW/VA on 6/7/21 7:06pm
 Re: To each our own. Thatís why I said I would make notation - Carolyn Bodley on 6/7/21 8:35pm
 I agree with Carolyn...key to any work - Linda_H/FL on 6/7/21 9:29pm
 4506 is definitely used. attorney's know law not loans :) - sigtogo/OR on 6/9/21 11:36am
 4506T phase out. if curious here is a link - sigtogo/OR on 6/9/21 12:15pm
 Re: 4506T phase out. if curious here is a link - Sue on 6/10/21 11:07am
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - Luckydog on 6/8/21 8:06pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C -  Cheryl Elliott on 6/9/21 6:50am
 my opinion: calling LO good but mum on your opinion - sigtogo/OR on 6/9/21 11:47am
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - MikeC/TX on 6/9/21 6:47pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - SC/CA on 6/9/21 7:44pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C - Luckydog on 6/10/21 5:18pm
 Re: 4506T and 4506C -  Yoli/CA on 6/11/21 10:10am

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