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Re: It will impact every CA notary
Posted by Matt Miller of CA on 12/12/23 8:33am Msg #647366
That new nationwide competition you speak of starts January 1 with the new law going into effect. And I think the migration to RON will happen a lot faster than you might think as title companies, lenders and attorneys force borrowers and clients into it. Why wouldn't they, it saves on cost, is immediate and gives them more control. Also, as of right now, the three big RON platforms routinely brag about the literal millions of transactions they perform each year. Remember, notarize for example has intertwined itself into apps, major retailers, shippers and more. With article 3 of the California bill, there will no longer be any reason to use an expensive CA based notary. Especially when you can go with the cheapest RON in the nation with the same legal effect. I know none of this affects those of you who are all at the end of your careers, but there are hundreds of thousands of us who are still in our prime.
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