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Re: Process Serving?
Posted by  Yoli/CA of CA on 6/8/24 3:24pm Msg #648602
Just curious here.

OP states, "I also emailed a Notarized Completion form that I served the legal papers." Also stated that serving location is 5 miles away and subject was located on 2nd attempt.

So, OP drove 20 miles (5 miles each way x 2 = 20). Since notaries are not allowed to notarize their own signature, OP also had to go to another notary to notarize the completion report. What was that drive and how much was that notarization fee? Add to all that the cost of paper, toner, wear and tear on printer, wear and tear on vehicle and vehicle fuel. Is $75 an adequate fee for that process server assignment? That's something only each one of us can decide.

To become a process server in California:

Be 18 years of age or older
Reside in California for one year before filing
Have no criminal record
Present a valid photo identification
Obtain a process server bond in the amount of $2,000
Complete a registration form at one of County Recorders office locations
Get fingerprinted using a Request for Live Scan Service
Pay the appropriate fees
(Optional) Get licensed, take an online training course, and market your business online

Process service can be a dangerous job, as Linda stated. Please be careful.

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