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Re: considering the profession
Posted by CaliNotary of CA on 5/11/05 7:02pm Msg #37199
I agree with just about everything you said except for one thing:

"Find out (by reading past messages) who is helpful and then approach them individually."

If somebody reads past messages, they're very unlikely to ask the types of questions that are going to get people to "stone them and chase them away". They'll find that their most basic questions have already been asked and answered dozens of times already, therefore won't have the need to ask them. It's usually pretty easy to tell who is looking for the silver platter and who has already done their homework.

And anyone who is hypersensitive enough to be chased off of a board like this probably isn't cut out for the signing agent business to begin with. If they can't help but take things personally on this board, how are they gonna react when a borrower is screaming at them about somethng that they have no control over?
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