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Re: Oh, where to begin?
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/2/19 7:20pm Msg #72526
"Morally, is where my position comes in, and where I firmly stand. If you disagree with that opinion, then I consider you immoral, and your opinion is irrelevant to me."

Fine, and I respect that. Understand that your opinion about whether or not I'm immoral doesn't affect my life or my beliefs in any way. We just have to agree to disagree.

"Now, as a parallel to this Mike, permit me to ask you something. You abhor Trump, simply because of the fact that he is Trump, and you constantly shout down and belittle his supporters. Can you not understand that MANY people do not agree with your opinion?"

“Secondly, do you realize that organizations like Planned Parenthood offer much more health services to women other than abortions?”

"Like what?"

Come on Rich - are you one of thise who thinks that ALL Planned Parenthood does is offer abortions? They focus on women's health and reproductive ssues. Abortions are a tiny percentage of the services they provide, And yes, they do provide mammograms and things like ob/gyn services. Dio I know where they're located? No, why should I? I don't need their services. Why do you know where they're located?

Yes I do. I also understand that the majority of Americans agree with me. His popularity rating has never been out of the 40% range. It's true that he has a 90% approval rating with Republicans - but they're a shrinking group that make up much less than 50% of the electorate.

"See the answer to number one, you have your opinion, I have mine. I choose to ignore yours. And, BTW ALL Christians trace their beginnings to the Catholic church. That makes Evangelicals a splinter group"

A splinter group? Martin Luther nailed his 96 theses to a door of a church in Wittenberg in 1517, all of which stated that the Roman Catholic Church was wrong - that wasn't a splinter group, it was a rejection of what the Catholic Church was teaching. The evangelicals we have today are not a splinter group of the Catholic Church - in fact, many of them don't even consider Catholics to be Christians - they think they are a cult. I personally experienced this mindset recently regarding my own parents - life-long Catholics who recenly passed, and I was told by evangeliical friend that they "weren't really 'Christians'". I can't tell you how much that hurt, but that's the way evangelicals think.

"Carlin was a comedian (one of my favorites!) I have three of his books.) But, he was a comedian. Selling his act. Nothing more, nothing less."

OK. but what about the point he was making? You want every child to be born? How do you guarantee that every child born will be taken care of? What happens after the woman who didn't want to give birth to this child decides to walk away?

"But we can MURDER a baby AFTER it’s born because it’s inconvenient to one of the people who created it"

Rich - that never happens. There is no post-birth murder. Trump is lying to you again, and you're believing it- this NEVER happens, and I'm surprised to find that intelligent people think it does.

Doctors know weeks prior to the delivery whether the fetus is viable and they usually know it well before the third trimester. Late term abortions are rare, but they are for medical reasons - not because a woman has suddenly decided she doesn't want to do this but because there's a problem with the fetus or there's a threat to the the mother's health.

I understand and respect your opinion that life begins at conception, but my opinion is that life begins at viability -when the fetus can exist outside of the womb. To me, that's life - a living, breathing human.There is NO evidence that newly born infants are being murdered, and if your believe that, your need to reassess your news sources. Its BS, plain and simple.
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