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Is Having A Notary Career Dead?
Posted by Charlie Allen of TX on 3/18/17 1:06pm Msg #572164
This is for the New Notary's learning the business. You start out with the fire and passion to take over the World with your Notary Business. After, 3 months you start to see how their are other Companies that will cut your profits in half leaving you with all the work. In some case you could start with your phone ringing none stop with opportunities go here and there. In the end when you crack open your Books to all the records with the miles, gas spent, paper printed and marketing money spent. You find their is little margins in your profits from completing over 20 signings within 30 days starting.

I would love to hear from people that have at least 3 years or more in the Industry doing it full time. It is true the real margins and profits to pay your bills will be in the General Notary work? Cutting out the middle man taking most of your profits? How about those new agents taking the $40 dollar jobs because they don't know any better? There are many training online promoting recession proof business.

I read in the Wall Street Journal this week that President Donald Trump is supporting Goldman Sacks and Fannie Mae $9.6 Billion delinquent Loans has been acquired nearly two-thirds. To help fix up loans by helping borrowers get current, gets credit for doing so from regulators and hopes to sell the debt when people are paying consistently again- at a profit.

The Notaries that are doing the Bank Loan Mod's will make a little extra cash in the process. The true is how can a newbie last in this game and make $2500 a month at least to stay in the game. Looking to hear from those that have been doing it for 3 years or more. Listen up NEWBIES!!!
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