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Coast To Coast Is Offering $30.00 For Wells Fargo Loan Mods
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 12/5/18 1:34pm Msg #600931
I don't normally come on the forum and blast a company or the fees being offered (unless they are non-payers and have stiffed me for work I have done for them, then I have no problem blasting), but this is just plain insulting. I have done a lot of work for Lisa throughout the years and I have always come to her defense when negative things are posted about her or her company, but I cannot justify defending a company that is offering the rock bottom price of $30.00 for an assignment. I don't care if it is a simple loan modification. Service Link typically pays $65.00 for the loan modifications in my area and for Coast To Coast to offer $30.00 is absolutely ridiculous! Pretty soon companies will be offering us $10.00 for appointments and then justifying the price by telling us it should only take about 15 minutes so that's like $40.00 per hour.

I have noticed lately that a few signing companies have reduced their fees up to $25.00 per closing. I have also noticed that when the phone calls come in, some of these schedulers go out of their way to sell you on how easy the closing is going to be, how few pages there will be, how close it is to your house . . . so close you could walk there, how quick you will be in and out, and that this one doesn't require any fax backs. Once they are done with their sales pitch . . . . wait for it . . . "and we pay $xx for this".

I'm not even going to talk about weather conditions, road conditions, traffic, supplies, equipment, vehicle expenses, taxes, incorrect documents, readers, etc., etc., etc., because we all know about that. I just had to vent about the $30.00 loan modifications.

I would welcome Lisa or someone from her staff to come and tell all of us how Coast To Coast can justify such a low fee . . . and don't tell us that Wells Fargo doesn't want to pay for these to get done, Coast To Coast is only making $4.99 per file, if you take them they will give you everything in your area so you will make up the difference in volume, or my all time favorite . . . we all have to do our part during this slow time . . . if you take all the low paying ones . . . we promise to give you all the high paying ones as well.

There are still a lot of great title companies and signing companies out there and I thank you for all the great business you are sending to me. I respect these great companies for their loyalty throughout the years, for keeping me busy during this slower than normal time, and for not lowering my fees to $30.00 for an assignment.

Thank you everyone for listening.
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