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Signing for the Deaf
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 2/18/19 9:23am Msg #603468
How many notaries out there know how to sign for the deaf? According to statistics in America, American Sign Language is the third most used language.

Did you know that 10 American presidents suffered from hearing loss?

I bring it up because I'm encountering a lot more people whose malady is hearing loss at all ages. Some are born with no hearing, some lost is as a result of "blasting music", work environment, or part of the aging process. Some forms of hearing loss are genetic. They are hereditary and caused by gene mutations. ... Finally, gene mutations may cause several non-hearing related, hereditary conditions combined with a deformation of the inner ear, resulting in deafness at birth or later in life..

On CBS Sunday morning, there was a featured story about a little 2--yo girl in a small Massachusetts' town who was born with no hearing and diagnosed early. Many of the town dwellers learned to sign so that she could grow and be accepted in day-to-day life. If you missed it, I found this article about Samantha Savitz this morning. Her story made global news.

It might be worthwhile to learn American Sign Language, as the deaf population globally is growing. My own mother was nearly 95% deaf most of her senior life. She struggled with it as she was so social and very active in philanthropic causes in her retirement years. Her hearing loss was due to mastoid as a child.

The American Society for Deaf Children is huge Coast to Coast. Deafness is growing among our own age group.

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