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Cost info everywhere. info
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 6/23/22 3:50pm Msg #641013
To be fair, you can 'pay/use'
It says how much it costs the consumer. 25 +$10 each add'l signer or service
Also how much it costs the notary. Appears to be $13 + half of add'l services or signers
What's not said is what the notary earns. Guessing a bit less than half.
Somewhere else it says average r. e. pkg. is $100, so notary seems to make $49 of that.
Not clear how notary gets paid. Only clear that N is invoiced monthly.
And all this assumes platform is OK in your state...and you bring your own customers.
Not sure how this would work--if at all, with an SS involved.

Granted, I'm not a RON notary because I just can't understand all the variables ... or the actual demand.
Seems to be a lot of sizzle, but the steak just isn't clear.
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