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Re: From What’s the point of this post?
Posted by grapebed of MO on 6/23/22 3:14pm Msg #641009
I am not bitter. Just confused. It looked like a commercial for I can't justify paying $2,000 a year, plus $13 per notarization to And there are many other platforms out there

I have done 48 RONS for AMROCK in 2022. It does not cost me anything. AMROCK fully prepares the signers. It works great. I do like RON. However, with the refi market crashing, I expect to do fewer than 20 RON's for the remainder of 2022. AMROCK told me that it has 7-8 times more notaries necessary to support the current level of business. July/August are expected to be much slower than the spring market.

Please don't take offense. There are challenging times.

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