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About the Cost of
Posted by  BrendaTx of TX on 6/23/22 5:45pm Msg #641016
Call and talk to them. You do not have to pay anything per month. The prices are very reasonable there.

I have been onboarded there for a while, but life handed me a personal project that has me leaving town, doing a lot of data entry, tracking, and accounting. I have just continued to use SIGNiX while I get all this other tedious stuff out of the way.

There are a few types of platforms...that's why to some RON users paying a monthly fee sounds crazy and to others taking a "low" fee sounds crazy.

I will try to explain below. Where you see BYOC, that means "bring your own client."

(1) The CAN BYOC platforms are like SIGNiX, e-notarylog, Secured Signing, OneNotary, etc. You can advertise and market to get your own clients: TC, SSs, and Individuals. They meet you on your CAN BYOC platform. Notary pays the monthly fee (if any) and the per transaction costs. The notary sets fees with the clients and may work for any number of hiring parties doing RON signings or onesies and twosies for individuals. Notaries MUST find their own clients in this type of platform use. (This is what I do.) Notaries do all the document tagging.

The CAN BYOC has a city cousin which is like the new side of DocuSign that costs a fortune to onboard. The do not want to deal with notaries directly, it seems, and want to deal with companies who hire or onboard a team of notaries. I would like to go this way, but I don't want to be in the business of paying notaries OR getting into the tech support of notaries. That's why I haven't pursued on the DocuSign or a similar train even though I can see it would be a good way to build a team and provide a service. I do not want to work that hard any more!

(2) The CANNOT BYOC platforms are like Pavaso and whatever platform that Amrock uses. Important to note: CANNOT BYOC platforms do all the tagging and find the clients. They invite you to the platform, you show up, you sign 'em up. They pay notaries a fee of significantly less than I charge on my CAN BYOC platform, but it works into a similar hourly figure. (So don't automatically turn down what sounds low to you! If the tagging is done already, keep talking and find out more.) The notary sits down, goes through the documents with the folks, and notarizes. 15-20 min. The sessions are short.

(3) BULL PEN Platform. Call it a bullpen or a call center. Whatever the case. They give the assignment to the person who is next in line. Notarize used to be strictly a BULLPEN platform and a CANNOT BYOC, but it is quickly becoming a CAN BYOC. It also rents itself out to Lenders, SSs, and TCs for that company's personal use.

(4) HYBRID - That's a platform that does a little of all of the above. Another way to describe Notarize dot com.

I hope this helps folks who are still contemplating RON. Please understand that when you hear someone say they were paid anywhere from $35 - $65 for a RON signing, you need to think about how long that signing took online. Maybe 15 - 20 minutes? 30 minutes? So $70 to $130 per hour?

On the other hand, I do all my tagging and work with title companies and SSs that need someone to be able to do their own tagging and the ability to work right under the TC and TC's lawyer. If they have a VIP, I can see that person again and again so that they do not have to go through the ID process multiple times.

A LOT OF INFO YOU MAY NOT HAVE WANTED, but as you gain more RON insight, you'll understand what I mean.
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