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Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 6/24/22 7:48pm Msg #641043
I finally read through this whole thing and reinforced my first impression. Sounds to me like a pretty standard PR (Press Release/Public Relations, take your pick) piece, not something I'd rely on for impartial information on the subject. I'm not going to take the time to try to refute many of the points made here, but just as an example, the first one that jumped out at me is this statement:

"The platform stores the remote online notarial act recording for 10 years. This means there is a visual record in a digital vault of both forms of identification. These steps provide additional protection for all involved."

I'm less than convinced this is true. For example, it tells us nothing about who is managing the platform's data storage. For all we know it could be in the Amazon cloud or who knows where... Wink

Since the advent of RON, we've seen an abundance of these types of PR articles and notices in a wide variety of media, which have largely gone unchallenged. One thing is sure, though. They've clearly been very effective!
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