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Here's what I have learned from the local DMV
Posted by  Lisa Prestegard of FL on 4/3/07 2:26pm Msg #183547
I have had numerous drivers licenses with the maiden name used as a middle name and it ALWAYS presents a problem with CW/FSL and their redundant identification documentation.

It was explained to me this way by my local DMV: When women in Hispanic cultures marry, they will retain their maiden name and use it as described in your post... as a middle name. It STAYS with them throughout their marriage. American culture, on the other hand, is the opposite. In most cases, women will drop their maiden name and use their first, middle and married name as their legal, identifying name.
The situation you described usually occurs when the DMV employee is Hispanic. The employee will casually ask the lady renewing her license for her maiden name, and WHOOP! 'der it is! Bigger than life on her DL.
Like I said, not my opinion... just relating the information that was given to me by the local Driver's License bureau when I inquired about the practice.

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